Our dogs

The first retriever to come to our house was a chocolate male Grantas. It is through him that we discovered a world of show rings and dog classes and met many breed lovers from different countries. Grantas showed us how strong, energetic, independent and curious a labrador is.

Uma (Foxrush Simply Magic), bred in one of England’s best labrador retriever kennels, arrived in 2015. She is an intelligent, gentle and sweet lady, winning laurels in show rings. In less than a year, she gained a few titles:

Champion of Lithuania

Champion of Latvia

Champion of Estonia

Champion of Belarus

Baltic Champion

Junior Champion of Lithuania

Junior Champion of Latvia

Junior Champion of Estonia

Baltic Junior Champion

Uma is also a therapy dog. Having passed her first therapy exam in 2016, she finds much pleasure in dog-assisted therapy and is our great hope!


Our goal is to breed labradors of type, temperament and health that allow them to be great show champions, working dogs and family members.